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I have been an active woodworker since my retirement from local government in the late 1990's.  In my government position I managed the design and construction of major road and bridge improvement projects.  That's where I grew to love building things.  My woodworking projects are of course much smaller in scale but allow more intimate involvement and go from conception to completion in days/weeks instead of years...and are apolitical.


My woodworking activity is a continuous process.  When not working on a commissioned project I keep active with smaller woodcraft/furniture items I sell at the local Farmer's Market and certain galleries.

I am constantly scanning internet sites for interesting designs and subscribe to several woodworking magazine for the same objective.  A visit to a new town will find me searching out galleries that include woodcraft displays.

Your Satisaction

My customers are 100% satisfied.  Meaning, no one's every come back to me and told me my work was unsatisfactory or did not perform as expecting.  In fact the opposite.  Recently a person bought one of my tables thru a local gallery. She liked it so much she asked for another!  So I made one very similar and she bought that AND another one I had on display.


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